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James Reed

Medical Director
Dr. James Reed

As early as 12 years of age, Dr. Jim Reed knew that he wanted to become a veterinarian one day. He’s always had a natural affinity with animals, and felt he had a special sense for when pets were feeling unwell. Dr. Reed is able to put his instincts to good use as a veterinarian and practice owner here at Bakerstown Animal Hospital!

Dr. Reed grew up in Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania with his parents, brother, and sister. He went to Clarion University for his undergraduate studies, then completed his Master’s degree at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh while applying to veterinary school. Upon graduation from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1984, Dr. Reed began practicing in the Pittsburgh area. Two years later, a mentor of Dr. Reed’s approached him about buying his practice as he was looking toward retirement. In June of 1988, Dr. Reed renamed the facility Bakerstown Animal Hospital and has happily been practicing veterinary medicine here ever since!

To this day, Dr. Reed doesn’t tire of the routine of gathering pet histories, performing basic physicals, and completing exams—he loves being able to work hands-on with an animal to get a feel for what’s going on. Dr. Reed is also fond of internal medicine cases and loves putting together the puzzle pieces of lab tests, X-rays, exams, and more.  Being a Fear Free Certified Proffessional, Dr. Reed strives for a calm, fear free exam for all patients.  

Dr. Reed and his wife have three children and four grandchildren. They live with their dog, Gus, as well as two cats named Oliver and Doug. All of the pets enjoy snuggling up in the bed during colder weather—sometimes, if Dr. Reed doesn’t get there in time, he’s left without a spot!

In his time away from the clinic, Dr. Reed is an avid fly-fisher and has been enjoying the activity for over 20 years. Every year he fishes on the Missouri River near Great Falls, Montana. He’s also fond of bird-watching and has had a lot of fun getting his grandsons interested in many of the earth’s fascinating creatures.